Custom software solutions in Harwell Oxford, near Newbury. We help clients create bespoke applications that match their unique needs perfectly and adapt as their requirements evolve.

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Who are we?

PSE is a fast growing company based in the heart of the Thames Valley serving businesses in the surrounding areas. We are a team of developers and designers with over 20 years' experience in software technology.

We're passionate about delivering the best possible solution for our clients and nurturing long term business relationships built on trust and common goals.

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What do we do?

We understand that deciding what software your business really needs isnt easy. We are experts at listening to clients' requirements and providing a solution that meets all their needs as well as their budget.

Our focus is to help clients to streamline their digital workflow to increase efficiency, thereby saving them time and increasing their profits.

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Who do we do it for?

PSE work with businesses and associations of all sizes. The one thing our clients all have in common is that they want a solution that ticks ALL the boxes, not just some of them. They don't want to waste time and money trying to get an off-the-shelf software package to meet their requirements. They need a bespoke solution to do exactly what they need it to do, in the way they want it to, for a price they want to pay.

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We have built a long standing relationship with PSE Ltd and knowing that we have PSE developers as our extended web team is invaluable to us...

Food and Drink Federation

PSE have provided a consistently high quality of service. They have provided a prompt response to all of our requests for support and have delivered our requirements on time and within budget. PSE have designed solutions that link several areas of our business to improve communication and productivity.

Building Research Establishment